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Written by Walt Blackburn

“I have yet to be involved in any land use process where the environmental community would compromise or even acknowledge the position of the other user groups involved. It seems that the only solution they ever have is to make everything roadless, wilderness, or some other type of a controlled restrictive area. The word "multiple use" does not exist within their vocabulary.

It is no secret that the small local OHV clubs around the state and nation are limited by their resources in what they can do to protect our trails. So how do we survive you ask? First off, realize that we have the numbers to win! OHV users just need to get involved at the grassroots level. We can't just relax, sit back and think the TMW ATV club or COHVCO, TPA, or Blue Ribbon will take care of land use issues for you. Why? Because one day soon you're going to load up your trusty OHV and head out to your favorite trail and find it "CLOSED TO MOTORIZED USE."

Let me be perfectly clear: We can beat these well funded groups! Just because we are a local or a small OHV organization that does not mean that we're limited by what we can do or how effective we can be. The key to defending and protecting our public lands is grassroots action at the local level. Every OHV club member needs to get on board and become a member of all or one of the "heavy hitters" — the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition, (COHVCO), Trail Preservation Alliance, (TPA) or BlueRibbon Coalition.

Look. These organizations are present at the legislative, legal and administrative levels. These local, state and national organizations mostly survive on membership alone. So, while you're thinking about it join, renew or become active in one of the organizations today!”

Read the entire article here: OHV groups have the numbers to beat the environmentalists | Delta County Independent

There are more of us out there! If you aren’t one of “us” yet, do yourself and the rest of “us” a favor before it’s too late . . . “get on board”!!!

P.S. What the author failed to mention was that OHV owners number 55 million+ or about 1/6th of the entire U.S. population, together we not only out number them but CAN BEAT THEM!
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