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My wife is picking up my Prowler XTZ 1000 for the 2nd time tomorrow.:) The first time was 2 weeks ago when I ordered it. Took it on a ride at Rock Bottoms Atv park in Mississippi on Feb 21st and put in shop on the 23rd. :wtf1: I took it in and they said the sterring rack was broke and I also had no reverse.:dead: I had them order new sterring rack fix the reverse and take the step bars off and install the Artic Cat Prowler Plates in their place, got tired of them dragging on stuff considering it is the lowest point on the bike. What sucks is that I am stuck off shore and have to get the wife to pick it up and test drive it first. Does anyone now if the sterring rack is a common thing. This is my first side by side and first prowler. I love the unit it has unbelievable power and torque. I have gotten the front tires off the ground 5" with the 30" tires. I guess if it wasn't for bad luck I would not have any at all.
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