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Please Don't Neglect the Latest Land Access Issues!

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Until we get this resolved, for those of you who are interested, please don't miss out on the latest Public Lands Access Issues!

Given concerns of “main page flooding” voiced by members of a UTV forum belonging to the group, there will no longer be any new threads created in the “Public Lands Advocacy” sub-forum that resides here.

Below is the end of a string of exchanges that resulted in this change . . .

Thank you XXXXXXX!

I was concerned about your view points and understood them, so I contacted the management myself.

Unfortunately but understandably since these forums are so small, there will be no more "Access/Advocacy" information posted at the following locations until a solution can be found to isolate new threads posted in the "Advocacy" sub-forums from the "main" pages.

Public Lands Advocacy - Honda Big Red Forum
Public Lands Advocacy - Redline UTV Forums - Redline Riot & Redline Revolt Community
Public Lands Advocacy - Arctic Cat Prowler Forum

Anyone who is interested in this subject matter can continue to find current information at the following locations . . .

Public Lands Advocacy - Kawasaki Teryx Forum - Teryx
Public Lands Advocacy - Yamaha Rhino Forum - Rhino
Public Lands Advocacy - Polaris RZR Forum - RZR

Peace brothers! May the land you enjoy today be there for you and your kid’s enjoyment tomorrow!!!!


Bob . . . AKA "The Lyin King"
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