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First off, I'm new to the site and new to owning a Prowler. I posted this on another forum, but figured I would post as many places as possible to try and get the help I need......

I finally took ownership of a 2006 Prowler 650 XT H1 from a friend. The Prowler has an issue that I posted on this thread but just thought I would give an update. http://www.****************/forums/arctic-cat-prowler-general-discussions/3358-looking-possibly-buy-used-prowler-need-your-help.html

A quick summary. Original owner was climbing a hill and forgot he had the emergency brake on. All of a sudden the Prowler would not move, but engine would still supposedly run. Original owner took off the belt cover and started to take off the top componants of the motor (air intake, carb, electrical connections, etc.) in preparation to pull the motor to find what was wrong. That was as far as he got before the thing just sat for years.

Belt cover is off, so I can see the belt and it looks fine. I took an oil drain pan and put a mesh over it and drained the oil. There was a very small amount of fine shavings stuck to the magnetic drain plug in the form of a fine sludge, but it was very minimal. I was reading about bevel gear issues and was sort of wondering if I would see chunks of metal come out, but I did not. So where do I go from here? What is the likely issue? What can I do to eliminate other things?

Right now the thing will not run because the carb, etc. is off. Will I gain a major advantage in troubleshooting if I put the thing back together and running to test certain things? If not, is it better just to save time and continue where it is now and pull the motor out and start tearing apart?

Any help greatly appreciated......
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