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The ATV store is owned by Thor his number is 815-321-3888. I have been looking and found a set for 589.99 in his online store. not sure how thick yet as I recently found them.. From the forums and my research, steel 14g is best but may not have sliding capability as others. I read that is best to place your aluminum skid plate then follow as an xtra protection the plastic stock skid plate, as this will help dispurse the hit on the skid plate and will protect aluminum and slide better then steel (?).
I only post this as I am researching over last week as to what is best and most economical for me. Hope the info I have read on the forums helps you out and may lead you to a better answer.. If you do find one please keep me posted as I too am looking for skid plates for our Artic cat prowler 1000 h2.
As we have already broke a tie rod, on our very first outting and am hoping to find a-arm skid plates that will also help protect the tie rod as well, and not just the boots... as I understand the prowlers tie rods have some hx of bending or breaking..
I have seen some a-arms,tie rod that have heims but pricey.. @ 230.00 a pop for a pair (a-arm,rod and heims). So I am willing to try new tie rods and tie rod enforcers with skid plates for now... I chose for my first bent one, I chose the other route... I also heard HVmc(?) plastic is better then the stock plastic skid plates Good Luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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