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Prowler 1000 vs Ranger XP

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Greetings and Saluations fellow riders. I'm new to this forum and making the move to a sideXSide from the Can-Am Outlander 400 Max's we now own.

Today we test-drove the Ranger XP, Rhino, Prowler, and Teryx. We immediately dropped the Rhino and Teryx, but are having a difficult time deciding between the Ranger XP and Prowler 1000.

The Prowler seems to be the better buy - price and performance - but I am not familiar with Artic Cat and would like to hear pro's and cons from current owners.

I've heard rumors of mechanical issues with the engines and trannies so before I plunk down my hard earned $$$, I would like to get whatever feedback you would care to share. I only get one chance to buy the right machine and can't afford to make a mistake. There are simply no bucks in the budget for do-overs. :1zhelp:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bill van Nieuwenhuize
Prescott Valley, Arizona
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i have a friend that has the 1000 so far 2 bent tierods bent a arm and frame.... trans shifting bad but got that fixed
It really comes down to what are you going to use it for , if your going to use as a tool around the house more work then play well go with the Ranger, and if you need a sport toy but able to do some work then Prowler may be a better choice, yes I've had some issues or growing pains but so far not to bad considering its the first year out on the most powerful UTV out there . read around on this forum to get an idea what's gone wrong. my buddy has a ranger he loves it 50 mph stock no problems , Prowler 75 mph stock with some problems also the Ranger is a little wider
Im the lucky owner of a prowler 1000 it runs great but the rear axle keeps falling out and nobody from arctic cat will call me back .......... I still love the power so ill fix it myself .........
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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