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Prowler Brake Chatter?

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:wtf1:Do all Prowlers rear brakes chatter like mine?

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Welcome to the forum, I haven't read of any brake issues. What year/model do ya have?

There are many prowlers with this problem, mine is one of them. I have a 08 650xt and they have done this from the start. It is the rear ones that chatter, mine have gotten better with time but have not stopped. Other people have taken them and had them replaced along with the disk and still have problems, but like I said they are getting better and I have over 500 miles on them.
I have a 2008 650 xt. I cant stand it anymore. Bout ready to eliminate them. Done it since new also. Thanks
Im taking it in to the shop to see if they can fix it. I wonder why they didnt discs on the back, to cheap??? Gonna test drive a xtz today!
I have 06 650 H1 and I put new aftermarket pads and they still chatter.
I have an 07 that does it. Only does it when applying moderate to heavy pressure slowing from a high speed.
Mine ('09 550) does, and I hate it. My dealer told me

not to put the brakes on hard???????? I bought mine strictly for hunting. One thing about it, every deer in 5 miles will know when I'm in the area:wtf1:
Just purchased a new 09 700 xtx and the rear brake chatters. Didn't know the brakes would do this since I only poked around the dealership on a test drive. I'm really bothered by this. In reading the other posts this seems like something I'm going to have to learn to live with. Dealership wasn't any help. Just said they had put a call in to Cat and would let me know if this was something that needed fixing. Of course there was no documentation of the issue on my service order.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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