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I have a couple of questions on a 2007 prowler. How do you change the tire without scratching the wheel? What kind of tools do you need to break the bead and take the tire off the rim? Next question is that there is no Artic-Cat dealer near me and the closest one is some distance away and he doesnt carry Prowlers. He carries Kubotas and Internationatial Cub utv"s. I purchased this utv without knowing any history about it. If I furnished a serial # could some dealer look it up and see if any warranty work or other work has been done and the last milage recorded.
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new to prowler also

I know this is not an answer to your question but I have an 08 prowler xt 650 with a carb, not EFI and it is nearly impossible to start, lots of grinding and hoping it will kick off. Do you have any similiar problems ?

Glenacre: Mine is a 07. It starts up every time. Does your problem seem to be slow cranking or just wont fire up? How many miles do you have on yours. Mine has 3200, which I thought was alot for a 07. I was wondering at what milage point a person should change the drive belt? I just got mine about a month ago, planning on taking it to New Mex. next month. I grew up there in the northern part and plan on riding some of the old logging roads. Hope the altutide does'nt affect it too much.
08 Prowler Starting Problem

My starting problem is a won't fire, starter and battery are Prowler is "new" less than 150 miles and only a year old, so I can't help with the belt replacement question. I did talk to factory and they are trying to send me some tech manual pages on "adjusting' the automatic choke. Thanks for the relpy...glad to know this is not a "built-in"
problem with all there is some hope of fixing it.
have 08 650 xt carberated also no efi had the same problems starting as u guys. talk to a dealer mechanic he said there is three jets in the carb. tried spraying carb cleaner in while running, didnt help much, finally took carb off disassembeld. it cleaned real good with carb cleaner put back on , fires right up been using it here in il plowing snow been teens for 2 weeks , starts right up hope this helps
08 Prowler Starting Problem

I have "learned" to "bump" the starter about four times in very cold weather...this evidently activates the automatic choke and will then make a good attempt at running. I will take the carb off and clean it. Thanks for the looks like the Prowler owners and operators are the ONLY people concerned....not anyone in the Arctic Cat organization.
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