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Prowler plastic: anyone have some for sale?

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Does anyone have some Prowler plastic for sale? I bought my 1000 thinking it was legal at Hatfield and McCoy trails but they have a cc limit of 850!:sad2:

Scratches are ok I just don't want it busted up.....
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I have you thought about getting your's painted? maybe a hood to get rid of the scoop buy some 750 decals, I my self have never liked the orange or a useless scoop
You can buy paintable body kits from AC for $400. They come out of the box black. We took a 650XT and put the kit on it, left it black and it was the most popular Prowler on our dealer lot.
The part number that would come the closest to fitting is 1436-239
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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