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I know UTV Crap was offering a smokin' deal on these, but I needed more info before I can plunk down my $$. I called PWR and spoke to Clint (very cool guy by the way). Here is what I took away from the conversation last week:

1)This is a "plug and play" design. No other modifications are required to make this radiator fit. No relocating the oil cooler or anything.
2)Uses the stock fan.
3)Approx 1/4 inch "thicker" than stock. To keep it a direct replacement, they were limited with the size and core thickness.
4)Approx 1/2 quart more capacity than stock.
5)Approx 15% more efficient than stock (I'm not sure if this is a "cross flow" design or not).
6)Still a couple weeks away from full production.
7)They have also started work on another product for cooling (not sure I can say anything about it, but you can probably figure it out).

I have ordered a couple things from UTV Crap and I believe they are a top notch outfit. Maybe once these radiators are in production, we'll see the discount price again?
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