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Every knows that the turf saver rear end on Prowler 700's has plagued us all. I have a 2008 that from day one drove bad. Jerkey, it slam engaged, never pulled off smoothly, engine brake would almost lock rear tires when throttle was released.

If you were able to get any answers it was put heaver spring on throttle.

Well here is answer! REPLACE WITH BRAND NEW UNIT!

My prowler has 1700 miles on it and I have had enough! The 700XTX has all bells and whistles it needs and other than its a chore to drive --I love it! It has served me well! Hatfield McCoys trails, Royal Blue, Carolina Adventure world, etc.

I took it to Bass Pro Shops in Myrtle Beach and had the rear end and both Axles replaced.

Someone at the factory has updated the rear end! It is not the same machine!

It is as smooth as a car taking off and when you slow down or release the throttle the engine brake slowly engages and it does what it was meant to do!

Now was it expensive --YES! But $12- to $14,000 for a new one is too!

Repairs were about $2200 but worth every dime.

It is not the same machine--No need for a new one!

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That good to hear, but you could have just replaced the turf saver ring gear and inner cvs with the one out of an XT 700 for about 500.00 with doing it yourself. But glad to hear your happy.
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