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Recoil Starter

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2014 Prowler 700 XTX, can I get or should I have a recoil starter? We had one of our atvs battery die (w/o recoil starter) way deep in the forest. Thankfully we had a tow strap and the other atv with us to tow it home. If our battery craps out on the prowler we will be SOL. I think a recoil starter would be a smart add on. Your thoughts please.
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I've heard of it being done, but not sure if it would work. I have a 2009 XTX and I added a second battery controlled by a continuous duty solenoid. The solenoid allows me to charge the second battery and disconnect it by a switch on the dash. I also installed remote battery terminals for jumping the battery if needed. With the XTX you still need 12 volts at the coil to fire the engine, but the stator should provide that.
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