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Republicans calling for more info on National Monuments

Written by [email protected] (Amy Granat) on Apr 14, 2010 09:20 pm

Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced a resolution today calling on the Obama Administration to release any and all materials related to the previously leaked list of potential National Monuments in the Western States. This document was leaked in March of 2010, and indicates a very real potential of designating new National Monuments by use of the Antiquities Act, thereby bypassing any need for a congressional vote, and any associated objections to the designation.

The Republicans are asking for all information regarding communication between the Department of the Interior and outside agencies, as well as internal communications regarding the potential designation of vast swaths of land as National Monuments. With this action, the Department of the Interior will not be obligated to respond, it will just bring renewed attention to this issue. It is certainly an important issue to keep track of and demand accountability from our elected officials.
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