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This weekend I put the prowler in the mud for the first time. When I got into deep water (just about ant inch in the floorboard) It started sputtering and then quit. I just held the gas pedal to the floor and it started back up. What can I do to keep this from happening. Oh yeah, I was in high range and the belt was slipping a little bit. Would that have anything to do with this problem???
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EASY fix, When you look at your carb, check the two hoses running off it, one going off the bottom is your drain and the other is your vent, Your VENT should be running up high and no more problems! I made some backyard snorkels on mine and had the same problem as you....Then moved the carb drain and Voila its a submarine!!! ENJOY!
Thanks for your help. You were right!!!!!! Who would have thought it was that simple to fix!
your welcome, I went through hell to find that one out. But once you take some 2 inch PVC and run some snorkels, you might have to swim away from your machine once or twice!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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