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Starts 4 times then won't start

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Own 2011 Prowler 1000 XT, had 92 miles on it when I bought it.
This summer had problem starting unit and keeping it running. Muffler full of very black particles, replaced muffler and readjusted valves.
Later in summer oil was in cylinders had repaired by dealer. $1750 !!!!
Ran fine for two days then would not start.
Re seating spark plug.
Ran 2 days would not start.
Dealer replaced spark plug wires.
Started 4 times now will not start.
Going back to dealer Friday.

Any suggestions?
Once get running I am Selling.
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How strong is the battery? Is your starter draining the battery when you attempt to start it? You should see a minimum of 10.5 volts at the starter while cranking, anything lower and it will not fire. These things are voltage sensitive. Try hooking up the battery to a jump start vehicle and see what happens.
If I remember correctly the earlier 1000’s had a starter gear upgrade for easier starting. Might be something to look into. Or a stronger battery with more cranking amps. I liked the XTZ I had but when cranking it needed a good/strong battery to get started.

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Battery is good. Have biggest battery on unit. AMP's are good
Can you check the voltage at the starter for voltage? A failing starter motor will cause drastic voltage drop, and it won't start.
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