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Only Winning is not a point to prove anything
Tell that to Hitler . . . :wtf1:

If we keep losing the battle against eco-facists it will prove that fence sitting winners who think like you didn't deserve any of the motorized freedoms we had to access the public lands of our once great Nation.

While you’re sucking down on that freakin’ wiener the 4th of July, remember that it's not just a holiday. It's Independence Day, a day to celebrate our hard won freedom from the tyrannical rule of Great Britain such as taxation without representation.

Oh geez appears as though we’ve fallen into the same trap again . . . apathy rules and losers drool.

Remember to fly our Nation’s great flag Thursday if you own one while you are still allowed to as you sit idly by watching that freedom and independence slip away.

Not only does that flag represent all of the brave Americans who have sacrificed their lives under it in defense of our freedoms and those of others, but by its number of stripes it too celebrates the original 13 colonies who won that independence.


A Veteran . . . :fingersx: :fingersx: :fingersx:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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