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Greetings to All !! I'm new to the "forum" and am looking forward to a lot of good info exchanges. Living here in the beautiful hills of central east Tennessee. I'm on my second Prowler. I had a 660 Rhino (which was a good machine) from 06-07 then "upgraded" to a 650 Prowler in late 07. Loved it! I did things with it that left my woodsbuggy friends jaws on the drop. The amazing thing is that it never once laid down on me. Deep mud, VERY steep hillclimbs, running over 20" logs, dragging 1000lb logs off the trail.....nothing. Nary a whimper from the Prowler. And now, just a week ago, I traded up big time to the XTZ.

WOW! When Tommy Thompson and Mike Nichols told me how hard it hits off the line I was excited. But when I got in thiers and hammered it, my smile-o-meter pegged. It was love at first pavement bite. I took it through its paces this weekend and what a joy and a thing of beauty it is. The climbs I would have to get a running shot at I merely rolled up to and then shot up them like a scared mountain goat.
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