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2008 700 Prowler. My prowler has totally lost all power and will barely run.

I filled the gas tank and was driving back to the trailer when I heard a loud bang. I looked around and didn't see anything and didn't think much of it. As I drove away from the trailer, I noticed my top speed was around 35 mph. As I got farther away, the power was quickly decreasing. After 15 miles in, the top speed was about 15 mph. When I put it in neutral and reved the engine, it was strong, no problem. When I put it in drive, I could only 15 mph out of it. After 20 miles, when I put it in neutral, I can only touch the gas otherwise it dies. By this time I had turned around and realized I had a huge problem. After 25 miles, my max speed is 8 and it is very jumpy. I have to feather the throttle to keep it barley going and make it back to the trailer.
It sounds like it is either running way too rich or sucking air big time.

It will not idle at all. I have to start it in the ear I want to go in.
MAX rpm is 25

The air filter is clean, oil good levels, no physical damage that I can see.

Has anyone had this issue? Any trouble shooting tips?
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