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transmission question

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hey my name is tony and im new to forum. have an 06 650. anyone else have to pause in between shifting from one gear to another. if i dont pause for about 3 secs, it doesnt always go into gear. if i try to go the trans just makes ajingling sound and i have to put back in neutral then go to desired gear.then its fine. have heard of some probs with trans. prowler has about 1500 miles on it. best toy ive ever owned. thanks
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Hope this helps

I have a 08 650XT, I know they are very touchy if your idle is to high shifting is a problem. What rpms are you at when you try to shift. What does it idle at. I set mine at 1100-1200 and I don't have any problems at that range. Hope this helps.
thanks steve. i hadnt really noticed idle rpms. will check and adjust if needed. i was actually just wondering if other people were having same issues. sounds like were not alone. thanks again.
i just had one here in the shop and the shifter was real sloppy but we didnt get into it
Hey new member here. Any of you ever have to rebuild your transmission? I'm about ready to pop it open and check witch gears are broken inside :att:. It's a 2006 XT. And if you did, do you know a good place to get parts?
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