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Here they are! Well kinda- They are not released yet but we where sent a set for testing.

25.5x11x12 front mohawk style
25.5x13x12 rear molded 8 paddle
Mounted on a Douglas Rokstar, Spyder, Quattro or Rattlesnake- $499
Mounted on Douglas Red labels spun wheels- $779.95
pricing is VERY nice. and the tires are comparable in weight to the skattrak.
We are going to put some miles on the set we got and report back on how well they work.
The Diablo

The Rokstar

The Spyder

The Quattro

Weights in comparision to the Skats
skat-trak 25x10x12 smoothie 14.4 lbs
dwt doonz 25.5x11x12 front tire 15.2 lbs
skat-trak 25x10x12 7 paddle 15.6 lbs
dwt doonz 25.5x13x12 8 paddle 16.2 lbs
I put the rear tire and wheel on our UPS scale and it came in at 24.5 lbs
Taking pre-orders now!

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