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Heres a update on some of the projects we are working on today ... and I just wanted to say Thanks to all you guys that buy our Crap ... we love building it for ya ... Thanks for keeping us 9 Americans and our Familys Employeed .......

Waiting on the Radiator for the supercharged Arctic Cat 1000

Wiring Kits ... see how we buy wire now ... we used to get those little 100 ft rolls

Bustin out RZR rear Bumpers

Making more cage clamps in 1 1/2

Clamps to fit the stock teryx cages waiting to be cut

Top Secret Arctic Cat Parts Not released yet

Today im milling some more Rhino sheaves ... Nick keeps selling them

sheaves ready to ship to Nick

New Ranger Cages

New Ranger Fan Override switch

Ranger Intrusion bars new product

Ranger dash bar with grab handle new product
2008 teryx plenum rings to keep the plenum from sliding off

Arctic Cat 1000 Frame reinforcement tubes
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