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UTVCRAP new cage

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what do you think ???????????

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Looks great. Are you going to have a few grab handles on the finished product? Looks like the dump bed will still function is that true? Any x-member behind the seats for strength and seat belt mounts? Optional video camera mount? Will you make some mounts so that my stock Arctic Cat 1/2 windshield will adapt for the tubular cage? Thanks for paying attention to the Arctic Cat crowd.
I just noticed that you said here is a peek so I think I answered my own questions. You are a few steps ahead of me.
yes yes no and yes and maybe but really we can make you one that the bed will still dump you might have to pull a pin or something and everything else you want is no problem at the crap shack
Sweet... I look forward to seeing the finshed cage at the crap shack.
you guys should see what we started on today

I agree we should see what you started on so post up some pictures already! Geez.

We have 2 of these in stock. 1 with a roof and 1 with out a roof. Get em while i got em
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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