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What's Coming ?

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Hi,I'm new here !
Have been a "CAT" fan since the 60's,a dealer in the late 60's early 70's
and I have enjoyed the direction CAT has taken from day one.
Knowing your capabilities proven by the PROWLER,is there a chance that you will enter the AUTOMOBILE WORLD ?I look forward to you building
something low,sleek,properly powered,for one or two people,and taking to the highway.I recently wrote a challenge to Motor Trend Mag that hopefully will be passed to their readers and manufacturers alike,and pray that you will have a "Challenge" submission.It's obvious the big three are interested in pursuing the same course they've taken for decades and nothing will be provided for guys like us that want driving to be fun again.
I remember the likes of MG Midgets,Austin Healy Sprites,Crosley Hotshots,
Micro Cars,and others and it's obvious that those who recognize this need will be putting people back to work.If you take a shot at it,I look forward to your presentation.
Respectfully,Jack Donelan
[email protected]
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I have a 650 Prowler XT and found the "conforms to all applicable U.S. Federal, State and Canadian motor vehicle saftey standards in effect on the date of manufacture" lable. With that and and some added parts I am Street Legal in Ohio tagged, insured and on the road. I did have a little problem with the locals at first but talked to to prosecutor who ruled I was legal and good to go. A new CID and running 57 tops
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