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First off I want to give a big thanks to Josh from Wiigstyle Racing for giving us such an awesome package to give away. This Giveaway will be run very different then in the past. First off lets check out the prize!

The prizes for this Giveaway is below:

First Prize

Wiigstyle Rebuild for all three shocks

  • Custom Weight Rebuild
  • Custom Riding Style Rebuild
  • 3 Shocks Revalved, Front and Rear
  • 3 Shocks Resprung, Front and Rear
  • Free shipping back to the winner

This is over a $1000 value!!

You can check out the website and see that Wiigstlye Racing is a premiere suspension company with great prices and top notch service.

Please ask if you don’t know if your shocks are rebuildable or not. Some of the stock shocks are not rebuildable.

Second Prize

Flexx Bars purchaed by me!

Your choice of Bend

$370 Value!​

All proceeds to this Giveaway will go to a great cause. There is a very strong little girl and her family that could use our help. Her name is Izabel and she is 5 years old. By the grace of god she just received a new heart because hers had failed. Izabel is about to surpass her life time benefit from her insurance company which will leave her family with no coverage. I feel if we can give this family just a little boost, we have helped people in need. Her whole story is here:

This is how you enter this Giveaway!

Entries are $1 each. So if you send $5 you get 5 entries and your money will go to a great cause.

Send money to [email protected] via Paypal or PM for my mailing address to send a check or money order. When paying Paypal please send your forum ID (for me its Wreckless) and put Izabel some where in the body or title.

We are going to run this for two months 10/12-12/12 and then give the family a great Christmas present!

Drawing will be on 12/13 in our typical fasion, if you dont know what that is ask around..

We all go about our daily lives and think our problems are as bad as it gets. Walk a mile in someone elses shoes and really see what problems are..

For more information visit:
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