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XTZ 1000 - Things to do to it before you ride.

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Hello guys

Just trying to prevent some of the headaches I am dealing with and pass along my experiences with being a new owner.

I have had my XTZ 1000 for about a week now and have 26 miles on it. I have attempted to ride it twice and both times I have had axle issues that are being addressed right now. Arctic Cat acknowledges that some units went out with out the three O-rings that position the c clip to hold the axles in place. I don't know if it works yet because I just gave it to the dealer today to do the fix. I will report back when I can on this.

I have been looking over the XTZ every chance I get from the front to the back and there are a few things that I have found that need to be fixed before you leave the dealer or the minute you get it home.

- Check the park brake cable down by the exhaust to be sure the cable has the heat shield pulled down far enough so it protects it from the exhaust heat. Mine was way to high and started to melt through the cable. They are replacing that under warranty.

- Check your headlamp adjustment knobs under the hood if they are still there and cut the zip tie that Arctic Cat put around the gold spring. The zip tie is not allowing the spring to function, as it should which allows your plastic adjustment knobs to back off and fall out. I looked at a few XTZ's that where at the dealer and the were already missing. My right one was barely hanging on. Easy fix.

- Check your tailgate and be sure the alignment is good so that the plastic retainers that lock in the side don't hit the body on the way out. Mine has already started to destroy the paint and took a small chunk out of the top of the right rear fender.

I hope this information helps. I am still positive about the XTZ and I know that once we get all of the bugs sorted out it will be one bad ass ride!


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700 also


Thanks for the tips. The headlight adjustment knobs have the same zip tie on the 700 xtx. You can cut them off or reroute them anround the the side so they dont interfer with the adjustment know. My 700 seemed to be ok with the parking brake cable and tailgate.

Has anyone else out there encountered problems that need to be fixed on their cat? This is an excellent forum to cut down on breakdowns before we go out riding.

My cable heat shield is ok but I think I'll reroute it away from pipe if possible, light knobs were loose. Here's a good one, I checked my oil after 125 miles and it had only a drip on the bottom of the dip stick from movement I'm sure, screwed it in and pulled it out and it was dry my stomach dropped lucky I was already on the ground, so I put a long zip tie down to see how much was in there and it had about a inch in the case and motor was cold is this a dry sump system anyone know. I called the dealer and he said he'll check into it, I guess they come shipped with oil in them not at the dealer. Man did I get the one built on the wrong day or what .


I have a question for all Artic Cat owners? Has any one been able to get a service manual(not a owners manual) for your Cat? If so where did you get it? I have called Bass Pro Shops :phone:and they have not got any yet!!

Here's the part numbers for the service manuals...order them from your local dealer

2257-487 2006 Prowler XT
2257-489 2006 Prowler XT CD
2257-722 2006 Wiring Diagrams
2257-578 2006 ATV Service DVD
2257-693 2007 ATV (400, 500, 650 H1, 700 EFI)

2257-695 2007 ATV (400, 500, 650 H1, 700 EFI) CD
2257-709 2007 Prowler/Prowler XT
2257-711 2007 Prowler/Prowler XT CD
2257-906 2007 Wiring Diagrams
2257-872 2007 ATV Service DVD
2258-177 2008 DVX 50/50 Utility
2258-178 2008 DVX 50/50 Utility CD
2258-056 2008 DVX 90/90 Utility
2258-057 2008 DVX 90/90 Utility CD
2258-064 2008 DVX 250/250 Utility
2258-065 2008 DVX 250/250 Utility CD
2258-068 2008 366
2258-069 2008 366 CD
2258-092 2008 DVX 400
2258-093 2008 DVX 400 CD
2258-052 2008 400/500/650 H1/700 EFI/700 H1 EFI
2258-053 2008 400/500/650 H1/700 EFI/700 H1 EFI CD
2258-096 2008 700 Diesel
2258-097 2008 700 Diesel CD
2258-072R 2008 Prowler/Prowler XT/Prowler XTX
2258-073R 2008 Prowler/Prowler XT/Prowler XTX CD
2258-121 2008 Thundercat
2258-122 2008 Thundercat CD
2258-081 2008 Wiring Diagrams
2258-355 2009 DVX 90/90 Utility
2258-356 2009 DVX 90/90 Utility CD
2258-359 2009 150
2258-360 2009 150 CD
2258-363 2009 250 Utility/DVX 300
2258-364 2009 250 Utility/DVX 300 CD
2258-371 2009 366
2258-372 2009 366 CD
2258-379 2009 500/550 H1/700 H1/Thundercat/TRV/Cruiser
2258-380 2009 500/550 H1/700 H1/Thundercat/TRV/Cruiser CD
2258-391 2009 Prowler/Prowler XT/Prowler XTX
2258-392 2009 Prowler/Prowler XT/Prowler XTX CD
2258-399 2009 Prowler XTZ
2258-400 2009 Prowler XTZ CD​
2258-411 2009 Wiring Diagrams
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Give me your email and I'll send ya the service manual. I got it after my xtz caught on fire due to parking brake issues and melted some break lines and air tube just above the e-brake rotor. Oh mine had 7 miles on the first time out.

Thanks for the info on the service manual I will see if they will order me one.

what I found

I have had my xtz for 1 week. To get It off the trailer I had to ajust the shifter cable. The lever on the trans. was off a tooth. Also the screews on the brake light keep backng out. Then I road 30 miles and found all but 1 flare suport brackets were missing the cheep screews holding them brook off. NO I did not hit anything. Tanks for the info. I will check all. things mentioned before I go on the 150 mile ride this weekend.:)
Hey Guys

Not happy to report this but my axles after the Arctic Cat o-ring fix are coming out and pissing lube all over the place. I have not been able to complete a ride on this thing and it erks me. I like everything about the 1000 and want to keep it but AC needs to recognize this problem and fix it right. No more screwing aroung with o-rings and c-clips. The axles are to short or the breather system for the rear end is not large enough to allow for expansion. I also think the c-clips are to small. I am a pilot not an engineer so I will stick to flying jets and let AC and the engineers figure this out. Just so everyone understands I am pleased with the warranty and service so far and I know it's a first year run but let's get the problem sorted. These things are not cheap and AC is a made in the USA product and that was a major factor when I bought this.

Shawnxtz1000 according to the owners manual you should do an oil change at the first 100 miles then every 300 miles. I did the first one but Idon't know about every 300 miles. The oil and filter kit is about 50 dollars and 25 dollars freight to get them to me.

The only other problem I have had is the one screw that holds on the bracket for the front fender (it broke). I have about 300 miles on my machine and I am very happy with it. It starts right up at minus temps. and goes anywhere I want to go.
well I just got back from my second trip with all new half shaft with O rings, went down the road 1/4 mile turn around on the way back about 60 mph the shaft popped out sent me slide ways and not the fun kind slide ways the other kind the one that's not fun, I almost went over this happened right in front of camp did not have to limp back to far.
I called the dealer as calm as I could let him know what happened to see if I could salvage the rest of my weekend, he said he would bring me out my original shaft the one he had already fixed with a larger clip and he did very cool on his part, I schooled myself on how they come apart and go together about and hour it took
luckily very easy to work on no problem the rest of the weekend that's until I hit a rock and bend front tie rod, that took about another hour to bend back enough to work
I guess the fix is either a square clip or a larger one and make sure the axle is all the way in you will fill it pop it took two armatures to pop it in, Or the the mount for the rear end is out of alignment and is forcing the stub axle out maybe someone with more brains then I can check on that.
I still love it when it's running it's a blast I still grin when I'm flying down a trail just don't hit any rocks bigger then a bowling ball and you'll fine sorry for rambling hope I helped
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FYI.....I think this has been talked about by another member but check your shocks to see if the spring is rubbing against the shock body. My right rear is rubbing and starting to cut into the shock body and two other 1000's at my dealer had the same thing but much worse.
What are you supposed to do if you notice that the rear spring is rubbing the shock body?
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