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xtz vs other Prowler enclosed cab interchange

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I'm going to try and find a used factory cab for my cat 1000. A neighbor came up on his heated cab Gator and I was envious. We have some property that is hard to access right now and I think it would be great to load up the family in the heated Prowler and take off for the property.

There was a factory cabbed prowler listed on craigslist. He was pretty reasonable on the whole cat. It wasnt' a 1000. I'm sure he would have sold it separately to help lower the over-all price.

Are the cages similar on these cats; 650, 700 and 1000? I don't mind to make some brackets, etc.

Anyone build their own plumbed in heater? I just can't see cats almost 500 for a's little more than a blower, box, vents, switch, some hose and some wire.....
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well, it's always in the fine print.....i wonder just how much difference there is....

1436-284: ’10 prowler & ’09 XTZ MODELS
1436-144: ’06-’09 PROWLER models (EXCLUDES​

a little further search seems to say the winsheild, doors, and roof of all prowlers is the same...the back glass is differnt.....

is the xtz the only one with the brakelight on top?
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